We are Robyn and Steven Lince, artists working from our home studio in Cincinnati, Ohio.

     The inspiration for our art comes from our love of nature, our sense of spirituality, our feelings of appreciation, and our relation to timeless ancient and indigenous themes.   

   Both of us are abstract expressionist visionary painters. Our styles of painting are meditative, with a balance of thoughtfulness and spontaneity; intuitively allowing feelings, sensations, and visions to speak through the language of texture, color, shape and movement on the surfaces we paint on. 

  We also love working with glass. Using a process called fused glass, our art glass is made by cutting out pieces of cold colored glass that are compatible to melt together in our kiln. We use hand tools, a ring saw and a grinder to create delicate detail, as well as multi-step firing schedules to create unique textures.

    Art glass is often worked into Steven's metal wall sculptures. It is draped over a hand carved mold and melted over it in our kiln to create a sculptural form. The form of the glass is echoed by the metal work he creates around it or vice versa. He also creates metal sculptures finished with beautiful paper, or organic materials like seashells.

   Creating art brings us peace, happiness, and a sense of spiritual connection. We hope to share in this energy with you. Thank you for being here.